The Art & Culture of Myrtle Beach

Anyone familiar with Myrtle Beach, SC knows that it is a popular vacation destination. It offers many exciting attractions. This southern location is in the center of some of the most luscious beaches in the world. Myrtle Beach has something to interest every member in the family. There is so much to experience, that it may take more than one trip to do so.

Many travelers have chosen this destination because they want to explore the arts and culture of the area. Along with its gorgeous beaches, Myrtle Beach has a lot of arts and cultural destinations for tourists to enjoy. There are 60 miles of fabulous beaches for people to enjoy. Here they will be able to participate in a wide variety of activities.

Yes, sunning and swimming are some of the most common. However, Myrtle Beach accommodates those wanting to participate in water sports. Activities like sailing, skiing, and scuba diving draw many vacationers.

Planning a vacation around the arts is a great way to really experience this area. There are a number of galleries that display the work of local artists. They also give tourists a look into the culture of the area. One of these galleries is Howard Gallery. This is the oldest gallery in Myrtle Beach. It has been in this town for over 30 years.

Howard Gallery features the artwork of at least 10 local artists. These are artists who have won awards for their expertise. The gallery also displays the work of those who are virtually unknown. This is a great place to find a beautiful souvenir to take home. Or it can also provide gift ideas for special occasions.

Art lovers will want to visit the Franklin G. Burroughs, and Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum. This location provides not only art, but various other exhibits. Portraits of local famous individuals enhance the history of this part of South Carolina. There are a lot displays that have Myrtle Beach history in them. Tours are provided in this museum, and can offer insight into the culture of this town.

Visitors will see valued collections, as well as, fabulous displays. Families with young children may be interested in the Children’s Museum in Myrtle Beach. This location takes into consideration the young at heart, and provides interesting displays that are quite intriguing.

Some vacationers will want to experience local musical and theater offerings. Broadway at the Park is a perfect place to visit for this. Here you will be able to see great productions and performances. It is a great way to sample some of the local talent, and to get a cultural kick at the same time.

The Music Park is another location that provides live music for visitors to enjoy. Many different kinds of musical talents and groups can be heard here. Getting a listing of concert events is an easy way to know what’s available during your vacation. It is important to note that Myrtle Beach often hosts special festival. Arts and culture lovers will love discovering even more of what the town has to offer. There are listings available at least a year in advance to allow you to schedule your vacation by festival dates.

One recent festival, which attracted many tourists, was the Beach Boogie & BBQ Festival of 2009. This event was held in September and provided an opportunity for authentic BBQ chefs to compete. Experiencing some of this area’s local dishes, may well be worth the trip. The 2010 festival schedule has a few great events. The 2010 Canadian-American Days Festival will be hosted March 12-21. And the Sun Fun Festival 2010, celebrating the summer music series is scheduled for June 4-5.

Myrtle Beach is full of scenic beauty, exciting attractions, and historic charm. Planning a vacation here, will provide the fun and relaxing getaway you’re looking for. In the midst of all of your activities, there will be many opportunities to experience the arts and culture of this fine town.

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